How many sets in volleyball: 3, 4, or 5?

How many sets in volleyball? In every sport, some rules are as straightforward as they come. But sometimes, you can get confused, especially if you are new to the sport. In volleyball, the confusion is often caused by the number of sets. How many are there?

The concept of sets is a key one in volleyball. In this article, I’ll tell you how it works because there is actually no definitive answer to the question in the headline. The answer is: it depends

how many sets in volleyball

Sets in volleyball

Volleyball is very well-regulated, like any Olympic sport. But the number of sets is not set in stone.

High school and college volleyball: adult rules apply

High school volleyball matches and college volleyball games are surprisingly very similar to the adult ones. They follow the “best of five sets” rule. This means that the winner of the game is the first team that wins three sets. In the first 4 sets in high school volleyball, the winning team first scores 25 points. One team must win by at least two points. The first team to win takes home the prize. The same rules apply to college games.

I think it’s a logical and straightforward system. I think the same about the scoring in a high school volleyball game. A team gets a point when the ball hits the opponent’s court, either by a successful serve or a rally during play.

A team can also score a point if the opposing team makes a fault, such as hitting the ball out of bounds or a violation of the rules.

As I’ve already mentioned, sets in a high school and college volleyball game are usually played to 25 points, but there is an exception. It’s the final set (typically the fifth set). Its goal is to break a tie. So if the volleyball game reaches this fifth and final set, this last and crucial set is played to 15 points.

In my opinion, this short set makes the game much more intense.

I can attest to that both as a player in high school volleyball games and a fan.

What makes the volleyball game heart-stopping exciting is that the team must win two points for a victory. This means that if the score reaches 24-24 in a standard set of the volleyball game, the set continues until one team secures a two-point lead. 

I love this rule because it makes an accidental victory less likely, and a stronger team typically wins.

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Professional volleyball

In professional volleyball, the structure of matches is the same as in high school and college volleyball. But I will show you some nuances and variations. They mostly concern the amount of sets played and the scoring system that is used at the games.

The basics of a professional volleyball game is the “best of five sets” rule. The game goes to the one team that wins three sets first.

The amount of points is the same as on other levels – 25, and the first team to win two points gets its victory.

From my experience, at the professional level, the point total for each set may vary slightly mostly due to particular regulations. As I mentioned, sets are commonly played to 25 points. But sometimes, the point totals are different. 

The final fifth set in a professional volleyball game is similar to the high school volleyball game. From my experience, it is normally played to 15 points. However, I witnessed some leagues and tournaments going for a different point total, such as 21 points, to finish the volleyball game.

In my opinion, the scoring system stays the same: a team wins a set when it has a two-point lead. This rule ensures that matches are decided by clear winners. And the excitement and energy during the match skyrockets the closer you get to the fifth set.

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Olympic volleyball

I am a huge fan of the Olympic Games. They are a place where the best of the best athletes get together and challenge each other and the laws of physics. Olympic volleyball has the same format as professional volleyball with slight variations and specific rules. The unique format of the Olympic Games is demanding.

In Olympic volleyball, the “best of five sets” rule works, too. So if you play high school volleyball, you can be proud that you play the same game as the Olympic champions. 

The first of two teams who manage to take three sets is the winner of the match. At the Olympics, it’s usually three out of five sets. Each set requires a two-point win.

I want to point out one difference in Olympic volleyball, though. It’s the point total for each set. 

The standard practice in professional leagues and tournaments is to play sets to 25 points.

In the fifth and final set of an Olympic volleyball match, the point total is typically played to 15 points. The same as in the traditional game.

Just like at the collegiate and international level, the winning team in Olympic volleyball must maintain a two-point advantage to win a set. We all know how much drama and excitement the Olympics bring, so this rule heightens the drama even more. 

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Beach volleyball

A lot of indoor players, including me, love playing beach volleyball from time to time. While it shares many similarities with its indoor sibling, there are also differences in the format and specific rules, including the number of sets played.

Differences and similarities

A volleyball game on the beach is played as best of three sets, not what we are used to seeing in indoor volleyball. This difference has never surprised me. This type of volleyball has its unique challenges, like the physical demands of playing on sand or such factors as wind and sun that aren’t always easy on the players.

I believe these are the main reasons that each set here is played to a lower point total than in an indoor game. Sets are played to 21 points unlike in traditional volleyball, but the requirement of winning by a two-point margin stays. Only when the team leads by two points, can it celebrate the win.

I am sure that this shorter point total makes the game go at a faster pace. The team wins if it can adapt and strategize very quickly.

If a third set is needed to decide who the winner of the match is, the “deciding set” is also played to 15 points, the same as in traditional volleyball. This shorter set makes the matches competitive and exciting.

Despite these differences, beach and traditional volleyball are based on the same fundamental principles.

If I have a chance to watch a live volleyball match on the beach, I never miss the opportunity. I enjoyed a volleyball game or two on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and California, and it was epic. The dynamic, the vibe, and the energy were incredible every time. 

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Final thoughts

To sum it up, how many sets the game consists of rests on the type of competition and the format. 

In high school and college, the rules about what number of sets wins the match are very similar to the professional and Olympic sports. There are some small nuances, but they are not crucial. 

The beach variety of volleyball, a popular sport played on golden beaches all over the world, has its specifics because of the unique conditions of the volleyball courts and the challenges they bring. 

The fundamental rule to maintain a two-point advantage is the same. It helps to heighten the drama and suspense, making the game even more thrilling for both the players and their fans every time a player sends the ball over the net.

I recommend everyone who loves this sport to watch the games, to play volleyball at your high school, college, or just with friends because it’s an incredible game. And I also recommend knowing the basic rules, like a two-point lead, because that will make you enjoy watching volleyball even more. 


Are there 3 or 5 sets in volleyball?

It depends. In college, professional, and Olympic volleyball, the “best of five sets” rule is applied.

How many sets do you have to play in volleyball?

In most matches, it’s best of five sets. However, in the beach variety, it’s often the best of three sets.

How does 2 out of 3 sets work in volleyball?

In a “2 out of 3 sets” format, the first team that succeeds in two sets wins the match. Each set is played to a predetermined point total, typically 25 points in an indoor game. The essential moment is to win by a two-point margin to claim victory in each set.

How many minutes is a set in volleyball?

The duration of a set in volleyball can vary depending on factors such as the level of play, the pace of the volleyball matches, and any stoppages or delays. On average, a set in volleyball typically lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. However, this can vary significantly depending on the competitiveness of the teams and the length of rallies.

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